Salman Siddiqi

I am a Zorn postdoctoral fellow at IU Bloomington, working with Chris Connell. I received my PhD from the University of Michigan in 2020, where my advisor was Ralf Spatzier.

I am broadly interested in geometry and dynamics, with a particular interest in statistical properties of geometric systems. My current focus is on quantitative correlation decay for partially hyperbolic systems.

My e-mail address is lastname at iu dot edu.


Decay of correlations for certain isometric extensions of Anosov flows.
Preprint. arXiv: 1908.08550.


At the University of Michigan, I have taught:

I was also the graduate student co-coordinator for Math 105 in the Fall 2016 semester, and one of the graduate student mentors on a LoG(M) project in the Winter 2019 semester.